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Exploit Chaining: Virus, Worm, and Malware Evolution

All y'all might be interested in these articles. I've slogged through hundreds in the last week of evenings, and these are some of the most interesting. The first few regard using Internet Explorer features and defects for installation of trojans. With last Tuesday's release of several new Windows and IE vulnerabilities, it became clear that it was possible to chain together remote-non-root exploits and local-root-exploits, to gain Administrator access on a Windows system remotely, though indirectly. It seemed to me at the time that this would be somewhat complicated and we probably wouldn't see these types of exploits until the universe had harvested the low-hanging-fruit of remote-root exploits. After reading up a bunch this week (someday there will be pop music bemoaning the lonely nights spent with google...) I'm revising that opinion. There already exist documented examples of complex MSIE-exploit-chaining malware in the world, so we can expect to see m…