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Gartner says IDS is dead

IDS is dead, according to Gartner. This subject came up a few weeks ago in a conversation with the CEO of a network management company that works mainly with US Federal clients. He told me, "Federal Agencies have been dropping millions on IDS for years, and it's not doing them any good. They aren't getting any value out of it. My staff thought I was crazy the first time I said this." It's common for security officers, consultants, and staff to think that a lack of management support and a lack of organizational investment is the reason for IDS failure. The other side of the coin is that IDS technology is simply too expensive to operate, and doesn't provide enough ROI. If your car required a full time on-site mechanic to rebuild different parts of the engine and transmission, you couldn't afford to drive, either. One of our clients has an industry leading IDS system. They routinely receive alerts about worm outbreaks on their network from that IDS sys…