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Clear Thinking & Information Security

I noticed one day in a discussion with a client, that something they said resonated with things other clients have said over the years. Literally some dozens of conversations over the years have gone something like this:So, you plan to re-install the worm infected systems from clean media, right?No. We get hit by viruses all the time and nothing really bad has ever happened. We'll just delete the worm files, whack the key from the registry and go back about our business. Do you know what the worm did after it contacted the overseas IRC remote control channel? No. How do you know nothing bad happened? If you're a client and you recognize this conversation, don't feel bad, I'm not quoting you. I've had this same basic conversation with many other clients, you're in good company (I'm not quoting them, either!) Just about every other professional consultant in the information security world that I've ever spoken with has similar "war stories"…